KWOC | Kharagpur Winter Of Code Project Report.

About KWOC:

Kharagpur Winter of Code is a 5-week long online programme for the students, who are new to open source software development. The programme not only helps students to get involved in open source, but also prepare them for many open source summer programmes like Google Summer of Code.

Open Source Development is something that you implement what you have learned. These kinds of programme help you to deal with real world problems , You met with others developers all around the world and learn from them . The curiosity of learning always fascinates me towards Open Source Development.

Selecting Projects:

Over the month, we were provided with lot of projects, and we had to choose as many as we want. As I learned Django, I wanted to try projects which are Django based.

The projects that attracts me the most was Bloggitt , Hotel-Site-with-Django and Singular News

# Contributing to Hotel-Site-with-Django

Mentor: Shivansh Singh

I started my open source contribution by selecting the Hotel-Site-with-Django project by Shivansh Singh.

This project is based on building a Hotel Site with Django in which a client can search and book a near by hotel rooms available with a affordable price.And for any query a client has also the option to connect with the service provider. I started contributing to this event by making Code Of Conduct file for this project with PR #10


# Contributing to Bloggitt

Mentor: Diya Jaiswal

This project is blogging website that allows users to post their thoughts and knowledge with others. A user can create a blog, read others blog and like and comment to others blog post if he/she likes.

This was the project I loved to work on. The mentor of this project is kind and supportive to everyone.

I started contributing to this project by selecting an issue that is, I have to add an update profile feature in the website in which a user can update his profile image by means of uploading. I find this issue very intresting , I take the help of youtube and stackoverflow to complete this issue and I submitted my first PR for this project PR #61

Then after completing this issue I have assigned to add the update button in the blog post in which a user can update his blog post if he/she is authorised.

I submitted the PR for this issue PR#54


I was also making documentation contributions, as it is always useful to provide crisp and relevant info about the apps.

My experience with Kharagpur Winter of Code has been quite good, ,considering for the beginners, and testing out all the aspects of Open Source Development. I also learnt the mannerism of communicating with mentors and all the people associated with this.

I think this event is best for beginners to start contributing to open source development. Also mentors are very supportive , and encouraging.

#List of PRs

Report By:

Harshit Dhyani (github username @Halix267)



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